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The Adopt a House Programme is making the connection between local owners of historic buildings and donors or volunteers. All vernacular miners’ houses, churches and public buildings of Roşia Montană and the neighbouring villages are the focus of this programme … Read more »

Houses in the Programme

Unitarian Parish House (18th cent., 1933), Roşia Montană no. 391

Consolidation, restoration and rehabilitation works meant to unveil the historic and aesthetic values of the house and the reactivation of its social role, by installing a Centre for Heritage Interpretation.

17.200 lei raised from 70.770 lei
last updated: 06.02.2021

Unitarian Church (1796), Roşia Montană no. 530

Conservation and restoration works which aim to reinstate a balance between the building parts by removing inappropriate materials and the introduction of traditional lime rendering and shingle roof covering.

6.200 lei raised from 13.000 lei
last updated: 06,02,2021

House with shop in the Central Square (1867, 1872), Roşia Montană no. 324

Emergency interventions required for safeguarding the areas made vulnerable by previous harmful interventions. Scaffolds and props, masonry consolidation. The concrete plate has to be removed and replaced with a wooden board, and the protection of this area can only be ensured by restoring the previous wooden level of the upper floor in the side wing.

9.530 lei raised from 46.735 lei
last updated: 06.02.2021

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