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The Adopt a House programme starts with four projects located in Roşia Montană and Ţarina, a neighbouring village. In order to reach our goal and carry these projects to completion, we need Gift-in-Kind materials and services.

Materials, services and quantities necessary for the projects open for adoption are listed in the estimates included in each project brief. You can choose to donate any of the listed items or you can check the general list below.

Tools Needed                                      

Wheel barrows, Metal scaffold, Chain-saw, Circular wood saw, Sanding machine, Hammers, drills, chisels

Materials Needed

Lime putty, Sand, Gravel, Construction stone, Wood beams and planks, Shingles, Light fixtures and electrical materials, Plumbing materials

Services Needed

Geo-technical surveying, Planning: electrical and plumbing, Carpentry, joinery, Metalworking, Transportation of construction materials

If you wish to donate please leave a message here and we will contact you.

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