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Traditional farmhouse (19th cent.), Ţarina no. 1248, Roşia Montană

  1. House description
  2. Adopt a House Campaign 2013
  3. Description of the works
  4. Adopt a House Campaign 2012 – Report
  5. Photo Galery

House description A representative example of traditional house in the outskirts of the mostly rural mining town and surroundings, house no. 1248 is built to the late nineteenth century and has spatial and functional structure typical for the area: the living consisting of two rooms accessible by the corridor and an annex – kitchen – added on one side of the house. The main level rises above a cellar which incorporates slope, bordered by a wall street facade even willing and others buried in sloping walls. The building system is also locally specific, representing a version of a widespread solutions in the Apuseni. The system Blockbau with walls composed of horizontal beams arranged in crowns is applied here in a version with urban remnants: four beams are all carved faces and ended dovetail corners, the system named “German”. Basement walls are made of stone masonry mortar of lime, like the vault that covers the space. The roof is hipped snake lunged with shingle roofing, hidden today mounted directly over the old tin roofing. Adopt a House Campaign 2013 Essential for saving construction work involving interventions repairing the walls, beams and roof structure in a

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first phase, followed by restoration of shingle roofing, refurbishment joinery (or restore their existing model) and restoring finishes (the walls and floors). It is also necessary to achieve heating (stoves and building a chimney), the plumbing and the electrical system. Bringing this house at the current standards involves equipping a bathroom, a kitchen and a fitting dining area (Annex). These facilities require infrastructure work (septic tank and associated fittings) and ensuring sloping land.

Intervention – chapters of works proposed for funding – Campaign 2013 * chapters drawn from the general table of the necessary work identified at inclusion in the programme
Building material cost of material observations
II. Replacing walls, beams, roof structure
1. masonry (to finish the collapsed wall of the facade – localy dismantled and rebuilt) – recovered stone, lime, sand already purchased
2. reconstituted basement vault


– Work has not been previously projected. After releasing debris was identified the print of the vault – procuring stone, sand, lime – 500 – 2-3 tons of stone – 1000 – 5 tons of sand (for other works as well) – 500 – 1 ton of lime paste
3. stripping plaster
beams repair (replace sections, joint reconstruction, dismantling)


– purchasing beams – 2000 – cca. 3 sqm (part of the material will be used to manufacture scaffolding for reconstruction of the vault)
III. Shingle roofing restoration of the holder

(sheathing) of the board, placing waterproofing

1. roof removal, dismantling annex-oven
2. Roof repairs


– purchasing beams – 1000 – max. 2 sqm (part of the material will be used to manufacture scaffolding for reconstruction of the vault)
3. support of the roof covering


– 1800 – cca. 3 sqm sheathing boards – 200 – roofing sheet – 1200 – cca. 2 sqm boards
4. roof-shingle


– 1 leu per piece, ~ 7500 pieces needed
V. finishing, repairs, remanufacturing carpentry
1. Carpentry – reconditioning, reconstruction from existing model


– lemn de brad pentru cca. 15 mp tâmplării
2. finishing, plastering


– purchasing sand, lime, nails, hazel twigs
3. interior finishes – flooring plank, brick


– 1200 – wooden boards– cca. 2 sqm – 800 – paving brick – cca. 12 sqm
IV. Refunctionalisation / facilities, the introduction of a bathroom, fitting a kitchen and a dining area (Annex).
1. stoves, chimney


– purchasing brick, stoves
2. electrical system


– purchase electric panel, sockets, switches, wires, tubes (including labor)
3. bathroom foundation – digging trench
4. bathroom foundation – dry masonry or with lime mortar – recovered stone
5. repairs to retaining walls – dry masonry


– recovering and purchasing stone
6. barne walls, wooden roof structure


– cca. 4 cm
7. covering support


– ~ 1,5 cm sheathing boards
8. splinter


– 1 leu per piece, ~ 4000 pieces needed
9. plumbing


– Toilet, two sinks, fittings, pipes
10. electrical system


– sockets, switches, wires, tubes (including labor)
11. carpentry


– ~ 7.5 sqm
12. stoves, chimney


– purchasing brick, stoves
13. finishing – wet floors


– 1000 – brick paving – ~ 16 sqm
14. finishings – plaster (on twigs)


– procuring sand, lime, nails, hazel twigs
VII. Outer-Infrastructure Planning
1. repair retaining walls


– stone (procurement) and recovery
2. repair retaining walls stable


– stone (procurement) and recovery
3. repairing the pit of the stable – deepening and pipe coupling


4. septic pit for the bath – digging


5. septic bath – masonry or precast concrete


6. trench-line-bathroom-pit stall street


Material total cost


Material costs financed by AFCN


shingler builder, joiner, carpenter, mason


– 8000 – chap. II, III, V – 4000 – cap. IV
specialized workers


– 2 workers – 2 months– 2250/month
unskilled workers

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– 12 workers – 10 days (teams of 2 volunteers)
Total labor costs


Labor costs financed by AFCN


Total – necessary financing for AaH 2013 (material + labor)


2013 Balance


– 3200 – Donations AaH – 2012
Total – necessary financing AaH 2013


Total AFCN financing 2013


Description of the works Conservation status at the begining of the intervention The house has not been inhabited for a long time, and the lack of routine maintenance resulted in impairment of general condition of the building, with severe damage in some parts of the roof structure (already collapsed in the annex area), the floor above the basement (collapsed) the lateral wall of the basement (collapsed) on vault cellar (collapsed). Wall street side of the basement is also deployed in the corner of the valley. The purpose and extent of the proposed works through the Adopt a House Programme The proposed works target the saving and restoring of the house, and reinstating it into operation by adapting it to the current requirements and utilities (water, electricity and heat). The house will offer spaces for Alburnus Maior offices, accommodation (in the attic) and auxiliary spaces. The building will be placed in a public circuit, to the overall benefit of the local community and the general public. Types of works required identified at the time of inclusion in the Programme

I. Safety works, site organization
1. – site preparation, temporary scaffolding, lime pit
2. – Removal of the collapsed items (beams, rafters, roofing) from the interior of the construction
3. – removal of spontaneous vegetation from the yard
4. – dismantling and recording collapsed elements (beams, rafters, roofing) that have lost structural coherence
5. – local rebuilding the stone wall of the cellar
6. – structural support and protection (temporary coverage) until the next stage
II. Replacing walls, beams, roof structure
III. Installing the shingle roofing on board (sheathing), placing waterproofing, insulation
IV. Refunctionalisation by arranging a bathroom, a kitchen and a dining area (annex). Making a stair to access the attic.
1. – arranging a bathroom, a kitchen and a dining area in the annex
V. Repairing old finishings and carpentry, or making new ones
1. – interior plastering
2. – repairing joinery
3. – new carpentry made after preserved model
VI. interior design
1. – storage furniture – Cellar
2. – office furniture, reception room – ground floor
3. – kitchen furniture – ground floor
4. – bedroom furniture – pod
VII. Integrating the attic in the functional circuit
1. – stair to the attic
2. insulation, board closing
3. wood floor

Adopt a House Campaign 2012 – Report Were conducted emergency works to insurance and support the structure and to clear it of debris and rubble. The structures that were in danger of collapse were stabilized by making wooden scaffolding. The stone wall of the cellar, whose conservation status endangered the existence of the whole structure, was stabilized and

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70% rebuilt. The yard was cleared of the spontaneous vegetation and various scraps and fragments of debris.

Types of works proposed for financing – 2012 Report
works observations sources of financing/ material, volunteers, labor/strong>
I. Safety works, site organization
1. – site planning, temporary scaffolding, lime pit – finalized – were used materials recovered from the parish house site – AM (labor), ARA (material, labor)
2. – removal of collapsed elements from the interior of the house – beams, rafters, roofing – finalized – SCI volunteers
3. – removal of spontaneous vegetation from the yard – finalized – SCI volunteers
4. – dismantle of collapsed elements – beams, rafters, roofing, or of elements that lost their structural coherence – partially achieved
5. – local rebuilding of the stone wall of the cellar – partially achieved (70%) – AM (laboră), AaH Donations (material)
6. – scaffolding and temporary protection of the structures until the next – finalized – reused materials were used, recovered from the parish house site/td> – AM (labor), ARA (materials, labor)
Necessary financing – labor, materials – 2012 Report
Materials Costs – assesment 2012 Observations / 2012 activity report
1. lumber for scaffolding – aproxa. 4 sqm – 2 x 400


– reused material
2. Cutt wood – beams, rafters – cca. 2 mc – 2 x 600


– incomplete
3. construction stone (+ transport) – aprox. 5 sqm (for future works)


– reused material
4. lime (+ transport) – aprox. 1000 kg (for future works too)


– 2 tons – 900 lei – AaH donations
5. sand (+ transport) – aprox. 5 t (for future works too)


– aprox. 10 tons – 2000 lei – AoH Donations

Costs – 2012 assesment

Observatons / 2012 activity report
1. specialized workers – 2 workers – 1 lmonth – 3000 + taxes


3375 lei – AM (labor), voluntary work carried out by ARA members
2. unskilled workers (volunteers) – 10 workers – 1 month


– 6 SCI volunteers – 10 days, – 3 participants at the ARA Summer Schools – 10 days
TOTAL intervention Costs 12200
Total Costs (materiala, labor) 6275
Volunteers 8
AaH Donations 2900
Financial support from AM 3375
Financial support from ARA
Sold 300 (AoH donations 2012 – 3200)
Specialized assistance from ARA 2 specialists have provided volunteer coordination and support work

* AaH – Adopt a House, AM – Alburnus Maior, ARA – Association Architecture. Restoration. Archeology, SCI – Service Civil International, UAR – Romanian Architects Union, AFCN – National Cultural Fund Administration. Galery

s-au strans 1393 lei 19992 lei necesari last updated: 9.06.2017

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