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Rosia Montana Heritage Days 2017

This year, we’ll be spending mid August together again in Rosia Montana. We’re glad to be welcoming you here between the 12th and 15th of August 🙂

We, the volunteers of the Adopt a House Programme and supporters of the sustainable development of the area, will be putting our tools aside for a few days and are inviting you to cross the threshold of Rosia Montana. During the day, we’ve prepared 5 guided tours and interactive workshops. In the evening, we’ll be warming up telling stories round the campfire with the locals, watching movies or exploring the starry sky during the astronomy workshop.

On Monday, the 14th of August, we’ll again be marking Rosia Montana Watch Day during the Heritage Days, as we did in 2016. We’ll be opening the doors of the two exhibition rooms in the Unitarian Parish House (house included in the Adopt a House Programme) – The Memory Room and The Maps’ Room  – and of the intro room of the Heritage Interpretation Centre, a initiative supported by Europa Nostra and the National Institute of Heritage.

The activities are open to all those who wish to discover or rediscover both Rosia Montana and Corna – the neighboring village – through their heritage and people.


Saturday / 12.08
17:00 – Tour of the village
21:00 – Movie screenings

Sunday / 13.08
09:00 – Tour of the churches (we’ll also be attending Sunday Mass in the Unitarian Church).
11:00 – Historic Tour
17:00 – Heritage restoration workshop – the gate of the Traditional House in Țarina
21:00 – The sky of Roșia Montane (astronomy workshop)

Monday / 14.08 – Watch Day
05:00 – Photo Tour, sunrise in Roșia Montană
11:00 – Panoramic Tour
17:00 – Bee keeping workshop
19:00 – WatchDay – Roșia Montană Mining Landscape in the World Monuments Watch List 2017 / Inauguration of the Heritage Interpretation Centre in Roșia Montană (Unitarian Parish House)*
21:00 – Stories round the campfire

Tuesday / 15.08
11:00 – Natural Monuments’s tour – unique tour **


* The cultural landscape of Roșia Montana has been included in the World Monuments Fund Watch List for two years. This represents both a call for coordinated efforts to promote the sustainable development of Rosia Montana , and a call to continue promoting its rich cultural heritage. More details on this initiative, here.
** All guided tours start in the Main/Central Square. The hiking tours, bee keeping and astronomy workshops are organized by The Friends of Roșia Montană


The Adopt a House programme is initiated by ALBURNUS MAIOR and ARA associations, with support from the Union of Architects in Romaniathe Order of Architects in Romania and the Administration of the National Cultural Fund. Working in partnership with Europa Nostra.
Rosia Montana Mining Landscape on the 2016-2017 Worlds Monuments Watch. 


You are dearly welcome at Roșia Montană!

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