Call for volunteers – 2022 Campaign

Dear friends, we are opening the registration process for volunteers, for the 11th edition of the Adopt a House program, campaign 2021. As in previous years, there will be 3 series of volunteers of 2 weeks each, whose development and maximum number of participants will depend, hopefully as little as possible, on the epidemiological context.

We will combine practical activities (carpentry, traditional plastering, stonework, shingles, blacksmithing) with documenting activities, surveys, thematic visits, presentations on topics related to the built heritage of Roșia Montană, ways of intervention and restoration with traditional means, but also more related to heritage, conservation, history, archeology or other related fields, along with our guests.

► SERIES 1 (July 11 – July 23)
► SERIES 2 (July 25 – August 6)
► SERIES 3 (August 8 – 20)


Deadline for registration: June 15, 2022.

► General information related to participation:

📌  There is no participation fee.

📌  Participants must be at least 18 years old.

📌  Participation is for a minimum of 12 days (one series). The first Monday of the first week is dedicated to the arrival of the participants, who are asked to ensure that they arrive by 5:00 pm that day. Departure is on the Saturday of the second week.

📌  Participation is voluntary and completing and submitting the registration form to the organizer represents your firm commitment that you will take part in our activities in Roșia Montană during the selected period and your acceptance that the contact details provided will be used for the purpose of communicating participation. to the activities of the program to which you have subscribed.

📌  The selected volunteers will be notified by e-mail or telephone, during which time all the detailed information related to access, daily schedule, etc. will be provided.

📌 Accommodation and meals are provided by the organizers in the spaces arranged together with the volunteers of the program in previous campaigns. If there are people who want to stay separately, we can contact the locals who rent accommodation or you can opt for camping in the tent – please specify these details in the registration form, taking into account that participants will cover these costs .
Transportation is covered by the participants.

Important: Out of respect for those who wish to participate in our activities, please fill in the registration form ONLY if you are sure that you will be able to take part in the activities during the chosen period, for the 12 days and that you can comply with the few participation conditions listed above. For any questions you have, please contact us at or 0731 / 38.33.33 (tel & whatsapp).


Adopt a House Team


►► If you want to contribute with a donation to the restoration activities that we carry out in Roșia Montană, you can do so using the account of the Association ARA [Architecture. Restoration. Archeologie], the organizer of the program, opened at BCR, Romana branch: RO37 RNCB 0484 1592 1710 0001 / or via Paypal here:

Thank you!

The activities of the ARA Summer School are supported by the Romanian Order of Architects, through the funding program dedicated to summer schools, developed in partnership with the Prince’s Foundation.

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