Alburnus Maior and ARA announce the launch of Adopt a House

August 1, 2012 – Alburnus Maior in partnership with ARA – Architecture. Restoration. Archaeology announces the launch of Adopt a House at Rosia Montana. The programme is designed to act as a catalyst for the unprecedented support received by the Save Rosia Montana campaign and to generate independently funded conservation and enhancement actions at houses with architectural and historic value.

Adopt a House at Rosia Montana is an important step in saving and preserving the architectural heritage of the area, in the context of the rapid deterioration of historic structures and listed monuments facing lack of funding or lack of interest on behalf of owners and the Romanian State.

Thus the program unites the efforts of the local community members, owners of historic buildings as well as persons or organizations interested in supporting the restoration of the cultural heritage of Rosia Montana.

“The actions we put forth by means of the programme Adopt a House at Rosia Montana are planned for the benefit of the community and are to be implemented with its support, no matter if we speak of local community or of community in the widest sense, the public. Through the participation and donation mechanisms, the programme can turn into a bridge between people and an efficient instrument to save and activate cultural heritage.” declared Ştefan Bâlici, member of ARA – Architecture. Restoration. Archaeology.

The connection between homeowners in Rosia Montana and all those who wish to contribute through donations or volunteer work to their protection is the website. Built as a public collection of restoration projects, the website presents information and photographs of each project, as well as an agenda of the intervention phases: surveys and conservation assessments, the scope of the works and the costs of these works. The first historic buildings included in the programme are: a small traditional house built of stone and wood, a beautiful eighteenth century Unitarian church and its parochial house and a house in the semi-urban landscape of the Central Square. The invitation to participate in the revitalization of these historic buildings would not be complete without offering the possibility for volunteers to take part in the restoration work carried out under the guidance of the ARA team.

“A new vision for the future of the cultural heritage of Rosia Montana is made possible through the joint effort of everyone of us. As our experience with the Save Rosia Montana campaign shows, the energy, enthusiasm and involvement of everyone, either by volunteer work or financial contribution, may lay the foundation for the rebirth of historic buildings which keep within their walls the story Rosia Montana. On the longer term, these houses will be part of tourist paths proving once again that Rosia Montana can develop through culture”, added Ștefania Simion, coordinator of the project, Alburnus Maior.

For more information, please contact:

Ștefan Bâlici, email:, mobile: 0040 (0)731 34 3333.

Alburnus Maior Association, the initiator of the Save Rosia Montana campaign, is dedicated to protecting the rights of community members from Rosia Montana,

ARA – Architecture. Restoration. Archaeology is involved in research, conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage to the benefit of communities and society,

A project developed with the financial support of The Romanian Union of Architects, through the Architecture Tax.

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