2019 Adopt a House Campaign

Dear friends,
For the 8th consecutive year, we start the enrollment procedure for volunteers who wish to take part in this year’s activities under the Adoptă o Roşia Montană House Programme.

We prepared five series of volunteers for 2019: four are current series (two weeks with practical activities and a theoretical component / ARA Summer School) and a series (one week) for the organization of the Heritage Days and all the events which will take place from August 15th to August 18th, (series to whichare invited to join volunteers who have participated in our program in the previous years or will join this year one of the 4 current series).


SERIES 1 ▸ 1 – 13 July (2 weeks) – 20 seats, enrollment deadline 15 June.
SERIES 2 ▸ 15 – 27 July (2 weeks) – 20 seats, registration deadline June 15.
SERIES 3 ▸ 29 July – 10 August (2 weeks) – 20 seats, registration deadline 1 July.
SERIES 4 ▸ 12th – 18th August (a Heritage Days Preparation) – 10 seats, registration deadline July 15th.
SERIES 5 ▸ 19 – 31 August (2 weeks) – 20 seats, registration deadline 15 July.

Some details: Participation is voluntary and registering through the form represents your firm commitment to take part in our activities in Rosia Montana and your acceptance that the contact details provided are to be used for the purpose of communicating regarding your participation in our activities. Selected volunteers will be notified by email or phone no later than 3 days after the expiration of the enrollment period, and will be provided with all detailed information on access, daily schedule, etc. The accommodation and meals are provided by the organizers in the spaces arranged with the volunteers of the program in the previous campaigns (the attic and annex of the Unitary Parish House); on request, we can put you in contact with locals who rent out accommodation.
The transport is supported by the participants.
There is no participation fee.Note: The number of seats available is determined directly by the nature and extent of the scheduled activities. Changing your opt-in decision after signing up will directly impact our proposed activities and work, with another volunteer being unable to participate due the short term left for administrative preparation.Thank you for your understanding, for your interest and we are waiting for you!

For this campaign, we have great plans that we can implement thanks to the involvement of the volunteers and the financial support from the National Cultural Fund Administration (AFCN) and the Romanian Architects Order (OAR). The two funding will cover some of the already established activities of our program, with some novelties over the past years:

► We can intervene this year at at least 5 different buildings at the same time, the phases of the works and the scale of the interventions will be detailed in the course of time depending on the speed with which we can move forward. We will have in this campaign the whole range of traditional works: masonry masonry, traditional plasters, carpentry, joinery, fittings, etc.

► Starting with this campaign, we systematically reintroduce the ARA Summer School program, the theoretical component of our program, through which we will organize theoretical activities (lectures and presentations), practical documentation activities, drafting and presentation of collected information. The theoretical courses and lectures will cover both the Roşia Montană heritage and its important heritage, ways of intervention and restoration with traditional means, as well as general themes related to heritage, preservation, history, archeology or other related fields. We will be joined by specialists in ancient architecture research, traditional architecture research, archeologists, artistic component restorers – ARA members or partners.
The direct results of the Summer School this year will be concretized by publishing the Intervention Guide to the historical site of Roşia Montană which will highlight for the general public (mainly locals) the historical heritage values ​​in parallel with the presentation of the types of transformations that have the potential to alter cultural resources.

The Heritage Days, the 4th edition, will take place in the middle of August (15-18 August), as usual,  and will address not only young specialists interested in the place or theme of our program, but also to the wider public to discover Roşia Montană. Whether you come with friends or family, you will surely find activities to suit your taste: guided tours, documentary film screenings, activities dedicated to young people, thematic workshops, artistic activities, exhibitions. All activities are free entry and invitations and partners contribute, as every year, pro bono.

We have our partners and collaborator on board this year also: the National History Museum of Transylvania, the Astra Museum, the Roşia Montană Research Center, Europa Nostra, the Unitarian Parish of Roşia Montană, the Culese Balkani Anthropological Documentary Festival, local craftsmen, locals and friends of Roşia Montană.


In addition to the volunteer support, for the smooth running of our activities and to meet the ambitious plans this year, we need financial help to secure the sums not covered by the funding for this campaign: all the necessary materials and labor offered by local craftsmen, labor and works for the infrastructure of the facilities, food for volunteers and guests.

So if you want to contribute to our activities with a donation, you can use the information below:
ARA Association [ Architecture. Restauration. Archaeology ] / IBAN: RO 37RNCB 0484 1592 1710 0001
Bank: BCR, Romania / Swift: RNCBROBUXXX / RNCBROBU
or by PayPal:


Adopt a House at Roşia Montană is a program developed by the ARA Association (Architecture, Restoration, Archeology) and initiated in 2012 // www.adoptaocasa.ro/despre-program

The programme benefits this year from financial support provided by the National Cultural Fund Administration and the activities of the ARA Summer School are supported by the Order of Architects in Romania through the architecture tax.


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