Rosia Montana: a case for protection rather than destruction (John Akeroyd, Andrew Jones)

Counter-report drawn by independent specialists in biology, farming and habitat management and ecological restoration in 2006, following the assessment of the area concerned by the mining project as lacking major biodiversity interest.

We copy a quote from this paper, which describes the area of Roşia Montană as unique both at local and worldwide scale:

“The proposed destruction of this area would result in the loss of […] scarce plants, animals and habitats, vanished ways of country life, architectural and industrial archaeological heritage, and rare minerals. In terms of local benefit, we consider that sensitive conservation of the area is more likely to assure the long-term economic future of this area, through sustainable rural development including agro-tourism.”

We invite you to read the entire document here, as well as John Akeroyd’s paper The botanical and anthropogenic landscape of Roşia Montană (Apuseni Mountains, Romania), published in Roşia Montană in Universal History  [Papers of the International Conference „Roşia Montană in Universal History”, Romanian Academy, Babeş-Bolyai University, Icomos Romania], Cluj-Napoca, 2011.

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