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Join our Volunteer Programme if you would like to get involved in one of the conservation projects in and around Roşia Montană, designed for the benefit of the local community and to the enjoyment of the general public. Please see the list of active projects.

Considering the skills and talents you can contribute and the opportunities we offer through the programme, please make a choice and send us a brief motivation letter and a CV.

For the time being, in this first step of the Adopt a House programme, we cannot reimburse transportation and accommodation costs. Thus, enrolling as volunteer involves covering these costs yourselves. We can provide contacts to local families for camping or housing.

Donate materials & services

In order to reach our goal and carry these projects to completion, we need Gift-in-Kind materials and services. Materials, services and quantities necessary for the projects open for adoption are listed in the estimates included in each project brief. You can choose to donate any of the listed items or you can check the general list below.

Tools Needed: Wheel barrows, Metal scaffold, Chain-saw, Circular wood saw, Sanding machine, Hammers, drills, chisels

Materials Needed: Lime putty, Sand, Gravel, Construction stone, Wood beams and planks, Shingles, Light fixtures and electrical materials, Plumbing materials

Services Needed: Geo-technical surveying, Planning: electrical and plumbing, Carpentry, joinery, Metalworking, Transportation of construction materials.

Donate money

In order to carry the projects proposed within the Adopt a House programme we need to cover the costs with materials and services, support and specialized labour. You can contribute by donating money for a specific project and even for a specific task within a project, by following the estimates in each project description.

The presence of volunteers on the conservation sites will involve current expenses for running the camps. If you choose to donate money to sustain this activity, will allow us to receive more volunteers and complete out projects.

For bank transfers: 

Name: Asociaţia Aurarilor Alburnus Maior 

Fiscal Identification (CIF): 13411229

IBAN: RO81RNCB0008021190850013 (RON)

IBAN: RO54RNCB0008021190850014 (EURO)

Bank: Banca Comercială Română (BCR), Filiala Câmpeni

Bank address: Piaţa Avram Iancu nr. 8, Câmpeni, judeţul Alba, România

In case you donate by bank transfer please indicate in the field for “transaction details” which project and chapter you wish to support. Thank you!

Donate with PayPal:

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